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Commercial Property Services

About Us

Since 2003 we have bought, leased, managed and sold over $700M in commercial real estate, all underpinned by strong leasing outcomes.

As an owner of commercial property, we felt that we weren’t getting the deep or focused service from the traditional leasing model to get the competitive advantage we needed. So we created our own leasing company, where our property ownership experience is embedded in its DNA.

We now offer the services of our leasing company to select clients so that they too can benefit from a very focused and strategic leasing service based on the premise that “we will lease your property like it’s our own”.

Our ownership experience allows us to develop and implement strategies, particularly in tough markets or with challenging assets, that:

  1. optimise building income;
  2. reduce leasing-up timeframes;
  3. lengthen Weighted Average Lease Expiry profile (WALE);
  4. strengthen tenant relationships;
  5. improve efficiency of building operations and financial performance; and
  6. ultimately maximise building value in a way that reflects our client’s investment strategy and risk profile.

We currently provide leasing services to a portfolio of commercial and industrial assets > $500 million, and we add value to that portfolio every day.